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Q: When purchasing privacy cubicle curtains, does the track come with my order?

A: We do not sell or supply tracks.


Q: How long will it take for my privacy curtains to arrive?
A: Orders are processed as soon as received; orders of up to 50 units typically ship in 3 to 5 days.

Q: Can I use these Hospital curtains at home? are they just used in hospitals?

A: The top two feet of hospital curtains are mesh; they are not designed to be used as window treatments.

Q: Are these privacy curtains made in China?

A: No.  They are manufactured in the United States of America to American standards in our factory in New York.

Q: If someone is changing behind the curtains will someone on the other side be able to see anything?

A: No. One can change comfortably behind these privacy curtains without jeopardizing their dignity.

Q: Which size would be best for the space we need to cover, which is around 14 1/2 feet wide?
A: You should obtain the 16 foot wide, which would add around 10% to the breadth, which is ideal; we always recommend adding 10% for fullness.

Q: Which curtain length should we buy if the distance from the ceiling to the floor is 94 inches?
A: The 7 foot one, which has a perfect 10 inch floor clearance, and a decent floor clearance of up to 12 inches, is what we would advise.

Q: Are there any particular washing instructions?
A: To achieve the greatest effects, hang when moist.

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